About Us

FIGHT THE FEED is an hour long, monthly, live comedy news show that encourages informed political advocacy with experts, debate, and all caps text; politics writ globally, and done locally.


Our Team

We're looking to take apart our topics from every angle, so we've pulled staff from every angle.


John Hague

Stand-up Comedian and consistent peruser of, he is the co-producer and host of the Prose Bowl.  He owns ancient sandwich press that makes the lights dim throughout the neighborhood just by plugging it in.   He's pictured here wearing a Mets rally cap, so he's probably about to be disappointed.


Jennie Dubin-Rhodin

Jennie recently acquired her Masters in Library Science, and has worked at the archive for the NAACP.  She scoffs and Lexus Nexus, and once fact checked a barista so hard, he cried into what was very obviously not Ethiopian ground roast.


lizz Leiser

Lizz Leiser is a producer, playwright, and director who is dedicated to creating entertaining new work. She is a founding member of NY based playwright's collective, Serious Theatre Collective. TimeOutNY has called her work, "...a damned fun party"

Mike Dressel

Mike Dressel is a writer and educator. His stories have appeared in LitbreakThe James Franco ReviewChelsea Station, and Vol. 1 Brooklyn, among others, as well as in the anthology Best Gay Stories 2016. He was recently the recipient of an NEH Summer Seminar fellowship. He co-produces the nonfiction reading series No, YOU Tell It! and is a frequent guest judge at The Prose Bowl, a flash fiction reading series. 


Jordan Zolan

Jordan Zolan has led many lives.  He ran Improv Nation, created challenges for reality shows, and convinced you to give a thirty percent tip.  He just got his masters degree in global studies, and he's starting his world wide domination in the obvious place: Canada.  He also has Scott Baio’s phone number, but don’t bother asking for it.